Activity 3: Accessibility Automated Verification

Test a website by using CynthiaSays against the Section 508 Guidelines. Name the website you tested and report on any problems found and how they could be fixed


For this exercise to test a site against the Section 508 Guidelines I chose the site I created using Weebly at

While Weebly is capable of building a site easily it is missing a lot of features that a professional web developer would expect to find in their editor of choice. As a result sites built using Weebly are not Section 508 compliant.

To give authors the ability to produce valid 508 compliant sites extra features need to be added such as the ability to add alt text attribute for graphics when added to a site. For example the error returned by CynthiaSays for my Weebly site home page is

     “Failure - img Element at Line: 34, Column: 47 - The element does not use the attribute: alt”.

As Weebly does not allow direct editing of HTML it would be necessary to create an updated “Add Graphic” module, which has the capability to add the required alt text and submit it to Weebly for approval so that it could be made available to all users of Weebly. Undoubtedly if I investigated further I would find other faults with Weebly that cause sites to fail the Section 508 Guidelines.

If interested you can download a PDF version of the site report by clicking the "Download File" link below.

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