Activity 1: StatCounter

StatCounter is a free invisible web tracker and highly configurable hit counter which provides real - time detailed web stats. The web designer needs to insert a simple piece of code on their web page or blog and they can analyse and monitor all the visitors to the website in real -time.

Go to StatCounter and click on the Demo tab (second from left on the top navigation bar)

Look at the reports to answer the following questions about the website being used in the demo –·
What is the most popular page?

Cakery Supplies - Wilton Cake Pans, Magic Line Cake Pans, Cake Decorating Supplies

Where do most of the visitors come from (don’t include ‘no referral’)?

What are the top 3 keywords being used to find the site?

wilton cake pans, magic line, cake decorating supplies

Which search engine brings the most amount of traffic?


Which search engine brings the least amount of traffic?

Windows Live

Which of the visit length categories has the highest proportion of visitors?

Less than 5 secs

Which country brings the most visitors?

United States

Which state brings the most visitors?


Which city brings the most visitors?


Where does Australia rank in terms of referring countries?


What are the top 5 most popular browser being used by visitors?

MSIE 7.0, MSIE 6.0, Firefox 3.0.1, MSIE 8.0, Safari 1.2

How many people are viewing the site with a screen resolution of 640 X 480?

The number is so small that it does not show up in the figures at all, however a few of these users may be included in the 19.13% whose resolution is unknown

Drill down on one of the ‘Came From’ entries by clicking on the little drill down arrows. Obtain the IP of one of the visitors.·
What is the IP address?

Using the Lookup IP address –·
Where is this person probably located?

Yankton, South Dakota, United States

Use download logs to see what the raw log files look like. Paste a few rows of this log file into your portfolio and weebly site.

The following is in CSV format

"Date and Time","IP Address","IP Address Label","Browser","Version","OS","Resolution","Returning Count","Page URL","Page Title","Came From","SE Host","SE Name","SE Term"
"2009-05-22 09:32:56","","","Firefox","3.0.1","Windows Vista","1280x1024","0","","Cakery Supplies - Wilton Cake Pans, Magic Line Cake Pans, Cake Decorating Supplies","","","",""
"2009-05-22 09:14:27","","","MSIE","6.0","Windows XP","unknown","0","","Cakery Supplies - Wilton Cake Pans, Magic Line Cake Pans, Cake Decorating Supplies"," cake pans&aq=0&oq=wilton &aqi=g10","","Google","wilton cake pans"