Activity 2: Font families

a. Research the following terms and explain the difference between them –

•    Typeface - A typeface is a set of characters of the same design. These characters include letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols. While most computers come with a few dozen typefaces installed, there are thousands of typefaces available. Because they are vector-based (not bitmaps), typefaces can be scaled very large and still look sharp.
•    Font - Font refers to a specific typeface in a specific point size and style. Therefore, Times New Roman Bold 12 points is a single font while Times New Roman 10 points is another separate font. Today, in common usage font refers to any digital typeface that can normally be rendered in a variety of sizes.
•    Font Family - A set of fonts all with the same typeface, but with different sizes, weights and slants.

Select 2 of your favorite websites to review. For each, answer the following questions

b. Which font category (serif, sans serif, monospaced, cursive, fantasy) was used for the logo or main title?
c. Which font category was used for headings?
d. Which font category was used for body text?
e. How many font categories appear on the page?

f. What is your favorite font family for web pages? Why?

Lucinda Grande is my favorite font for web pages because it is simple and elegant, very easy to read and being a sans serif is very well suited for use either in the body or headings on a page

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