Activity 4: Assignment

Answer the Assignment question from the textbook on pages 37-38.

iPhone 3G

A)  When the iPhone was first released my first thought was how closely it resembled an iPod Touch. From its wide-screen touch screen, its beautiful GUI, its well crafted icons through to its smooth uncluttered design, this piece of equipment screams "I am an Apple product".

While it is a beautiful product, does it really match the hype?

B) For the most part yes, but there are still a few issues I am not happy about. To take full use of all its capabilities you need o spend a fortune on data charges, the camera is only 3 MP, you cannot copy and paste between documents and a lets not forget the high price.

But then I remember the cool apps on the Apple Online Store, being able to use the GPS and Google Maps to log my bicycle rides, the ability to download movies and music, store my photos and be able to sync with my home computers. So if you ask me "should I get one", all I can say is "Hell Yeah".

C) When it comes to Apple products you get style and functionality and you pay a premium for it. Apples marketing has targeted you and you cannot resist.

Putting everything you want and need on a small device dripping in style and functionality with total ease of use is how Apple designs products.

D)  Does the iPhone meet all the needs of Enterprise Customers? Not yet, but when OS X 10.6 Server is released and the next version of the iPhone comes out it will come a lot closer to meeting their needs.

Is the iPhone the most popular mobile phone in the world? Yes, it has won mobile wars, that is it's the largest selling mobile in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific etc

E) See tables in answer C)

F)  Some possible improvements would be,adding the ability to Copy and Paste within applications, larger capacity hard disk, higher quality camera ans movie recording capabilities plus lower the price.

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