Independent Activity 1: Split Testing

One of the most powerful ways to improve a website is to use split testing.

View the following two online videos (ignore the sales pitches in them) in order to answer the following questions (4 min 25 sec)
- -Not-Split-Testing-Youre -Leaving-Money-60360958 (4 min 50 sec)·

What is split testing?

Split Testing is a technique that can be applied to a range of different objects. Basically it involves creating multiple versions of the object to be tested be it a web site home page, font used, colour of headings etc and analyzing the click through rates to determine which model gives you the best returns.

Why is it important?

By running split tests on a number of different objects you can determine what works best. By itself this produces a certain level of improvement, but when a series of objects are treated this way an accumulation of improvements can be made which improve the click through rates even further. Why are click through rate improvements as a result of split testing important? More money, more visitors, more sales etc depending on your requirements and what you are offering.

Besides websites, what other forms of advertising can be improved by split testing?

Direct Mail, Billboard, TV Commercial, Web Page , Email