Independent Activity 1: Who owns the data?

Read the following article

Comment on who owns the data on Facebook and for how long they own it.

All of the content you’ve ever uploaded on Facebook can be used, modified or even sublicensed by Facebook in every possible way - even if you quit the service according to their latest Terms of Service (TOS).

The TOS says the following:

    You hereby grant Facebook an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to (a) use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers), any User Content you (i) Post on or in connection with the Facebook Service or the promotion thereof subject only to your privacy settings or (ii) enable a user to Post, including by offering a Share Link on your website and (b) to use your name, likeness and image for any purpose, including commercial or advertising, each of (a) and (b) on or in connection with the Facebook Service or the promotion thereof.

This is also reinforced by the “Termination” section:

    The following sections will survive any termination of your use of the Facebook Service: Prohibited Conduct, User Content, Your Privacy Practices, Gift Credits, Ownership; Proprietary Rights, Licenses, Submissions, User Disputes; Complaints, Indemnity, General Disclaimers, Limitation on Liability, Termination and Changes to the Facebook Service, Arbitration, Governing Law; Venue and Jurisdiction and Other

Discuss ways you might minimize this particular threat

Facebook should take a long, deep look into how it treats its users. Until now, users had options with regards to how the data they generated on Facebook was used but now users have no rights with regards the content they put on Facebook.

If you want to minimize this particular threat, then I would suggest you take one of these two actions:

1. Cancel your Facebook (or other social networking account). Most of the content we as private citizens create has little value other than its privacy to us.

2. Stop caring. Assume that the creative capital you put on the web is no longer yours. With this in mind, actively decide what you want to remain on your hard drive and what you have no need to solely control.

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