Welcome to the Human-Computer Interaction Portfolio Site of Greg Sharp

Computers are a part of everyday life in the 21st century for billions of people world-wide. No longer when we think of computers do we only think of huge main-frames or geeks in lab coats.

Now days kids grow up surrounded by computers of all shapes and sizes, capable of a never-ending range of tasks. The grandparents of these kids  when their age would have considered what they can do pure science fiction. Additionally, unlike their grandparents these kids pick up on how to use these new technologies with next to no effort.

They have no experience with the analogue world, for them life is digital and they feel empowered when they can do things neither their parents or grandparents could. These kids do not spend hours pouring over manuals, instead they rely on the devices having a User Interface (UI) that is simple, logical, contextually aware and does the thing it was designed for.

My job as a student of Human-Computer Interaction is to conceive, design, test and develop products and interfaces that even these kids grandparents will find easy to use.

About Me

I am currently completing a Bachelor of ICT degree at the University of Western Sydney. Over the last few years I have also earned a Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in System Administration plus a range of certifications in Help Desk, Network Administration, Workplace Assessment & Training, Business Management plus a pile of others.

Currently I am the President of the Sydney Mac Users Group and the Australian Mac Users Group as well as running E4ME a Macintosh based web development and hosting company, I provide technical support and consultation services to my clients and in between jobs write the occasional review for a variety of Australian and International application developers, magazines, web sites & newspapers.