Activity 1: Project Proposal

As part of the Human Computer Interaction course students are required to complete a major project.

My proposal for this project is to build a web site that can act as a central point for support, announcements, communications etc for Macintosh users studying and working at the University of Western Sydney. Currently, the majority of the infrastructure at UWS is Windows based and as such Macintosh support within UWS is extremely limited.

UWS is one of the member universities of Apple University Consortium (AUC) and I have already been in communications with the two Apple University Consortium (AUC) representatives, Roslyn Mennuni the AUC Coordinator and Manager of IT Business & Administration at Penrith campus as well as Sue Powell  the Apple University Development Fund Coordinator about my proposal to establish a campus based Mac User Group (MUG).

Currently I am the President of both the Sydney & Australian Mac Users Groups, run a web hosting business using a combination of G4 & G5 Xserve's running a mix of Tiger & Leopard Servers, Xserve RAID etc and would like to establish the proposed web site at the address under the name UWS Macintosh Users Group (UWSMUG)

Once established this web site will provide general news and information available to the public as well as  resources stored in specific password protected areas of the site using Access Control Lists (ACLs) specifically staff and students including -

     * Forums
     * Events Calendars
     * Latest News
     * FAQs
     * Tutorials
     * Photo Galleries
     * Podcasts
     * RSS Feeds
     * Web based applications and widgets

This will be a multi stage project that will be delivered as a free resource for all current and future UWS staff and students. UWSMUG will adopt a constitution and run under a committee structure so that  even after I have graduated it can continue to run successfully

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