Activity 1: Low fidelity prototypes

Select ONE of the methods for making a low-fidelity prototype (storyboard, card-based, physical design or using a prototyping tool).

NOTE – if you have a physical or paper design, take a photo or scan the object(s) to include in your Weebly site.

Develop at least 3 alternative prototypes for your project, based on the needs determined from previous activities.

Low fidelity prototype alternatives

Representative Users

As this project is being developed as a resource for owners of Apple products wanting to use them on campus it was deemed inconsequential to target Windows or Linux users on campus. This project is squarely targeted at Apple users.

Certain problems need to be addressed hoever,

     •    Only a relatively small number of the people at UWS want to use Apple products on campus
     •    Because of the multi-campus environment at UWS it will be hard to set up communications between all campuses
     •    Limited time and resources to carry out a thorough study

I set up a couple of small surveys which asks users to identify their preferences from the alternative prototypes in relation to colour themes, required modules, components and services etc. I also asked them to perform a simulated ‘walk-through’ for the membership sign-up functionality of the site.

The aim was to get feedback on these alternative prototypes from the users. To make this even easier I have installed a module on the site that allows users to change the theme of the site extremely easily.

Analysis of Results

Would you be prepared to become involved with a campus based Mac Users Group?

1. What services would UWSMUG need to provide to make you decide to join?

2. How would you best describe your level of skill using Apple products?

3. Would you be interested in becoming even more involved with UWSMUG by nominating to become a member of the UWSMUG Committee?

4. If you answered, "Yes" to Question 3, could you please let us know about your previous personal experience working with committees?

5. If you have been a member of a committee in the past could you please provide a brief summary of your previous experience in the box below

Response 1: Member of Sydney and Australian Mac Users Group
Response 2: On the Committee for Club Mac (Crows Nest) 2001-2004 President Sydney Mac Users Group (2004-current) President Australian Mac Users Group (2004-current)

Using the UWSMUG Web Site

1. What services would you like to see available through the UWSMUG web site? (Can make more than 1 choice)

2. If you chose "Other" in question 1 could you please let us know what other services you would like to see available?

Response 1: E-Library, Discounts for members

3. If you could do one thing to improve the UWSMUG web site what would it be?

Response 1: Add email support and new content
Response 2: More content

4. Would you like to be able to contribute content to be published on the UWSMUG site?

5. If you would like to contribute what skills and areas of interest do you have? Additionally feel free to leave any comments


After analyzing the data I have determined which prototype I am going to develop further. While it may be a single choice has been made for the CMS that will be used and for the template to be used there will also be a need for some additional components and modules if the site is to meet all of the initial requirements of the project

Low fidelity prototypes | High fidelity prototype