Activity 3: Automatic Card Sorting

WebSort at offers an online service that provides web based automatic card sorting. Users visiting can carry out the study I have set up.


WebSort is a great alternative when carrying out card sorting studies and the participants are geographically separated, however it is not as customizable as a face-to-face card sorting study. It does have some advantages in so much as being an automated system WebSort is capable of producing a number of report types to be used for analysis without the requirement that the person running the study is an expert in statistics. A more thorough list of the good and bad points of using WebSort for your card sorting needs can be found in the table below.

 Easy to see which participants have done the card sort and choose which report type to display on the screen

 Standard hierarchical structure that can be broken up into different grouping combinations

Simple easy to read table of results

 Complex statistical breakdowns

 Simplified statistical breakdown

Overall I was extremely impressed with WebSort and would be quite happy to use it again if the need arises. As a web developer for the last 15 years I can definitely see the potential for this product. Hopefully any future revisions will add more options for fine-tuning card sorts that are a bit outside the norm.

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